Friday, July 9, 2010

Vintage Fashion

Have you seen Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2010 collection?! It's to die for!!!!! This collection is every vintage fashion lovers fantasy. It's no big secret who is a big vintage fan :) Have already spent a small fortune on vintage dresses but sadly have no where to wear it to. Think most Asians still have reservations about buying used clothes from unknown persons. I on the other hand have no kind of reservations what so my husbands dismay :) I have dresses that dates back to 1930s through to the 70s. The workmanship is impeccable compared to modern machine sewn ones...and don't get me started on the cut, pleat, pin tuck and seams. Perfecto!!! Will post some of my collection soon but till then take a view on the making of the Marc Jacob/LV ad campaign. (love the old H
ollywood glamour and Christy Turlington!!!! Yes, she's a living mannequin...and those cheekbones..ahhh..she's lucky, no need for botox ;))

P/S Another aspect of the ad that I liked was that they had a blonde, brunette and a red head! How cute is that!

Till my next post xoxo Sam

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penny yuen said...

really!? didn't know ur a crazy fan of vintage clothings. for me anything vintage is cool! you must come to KL and checkout Lapsap Junkyard sale and Bijou Bazaar if you haven't already. Will let u kno when's the next one. Happy blogging!